Hannibal of Carthage: The Siege of Saguntum

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2y Mar 21, 2019

In typical Jacob Abbott fashion (19th century author of history books for kids, he tells a great story. Hannibal shows the folly of great men looking for personal glory through war.

He was a genius strategist and leader of men in getting across the Rhone through trickery, the Alps trough determination and trickery, and prolonging his occupation of Italy through similar means. However, known to history as one of the great generals he ultimately, through his conceit, led indirectly to the destruction of Carthage years later in the 3rd Punic War.

To think what the course of history would have been had Carthage mustered proper reinforcements. Would Carthage have taken Rome? If so, how would Carthage have handled the early Christians? What would modern Europe have looked like and who would have ultimately settled America? Fun to consider.

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