COVID-19 and Chronic Disease – How to Strengthen Your Heart and Body Doing Pandemic

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9m Dec 28, 2020

• Review the COVID-19 risks among patients with chronic health conditions
• Discuss the 4-Wave model in a pandemic
• Emphasize the importance of seeking emergency help in case of medical emergencies
• Review tips, red flags, and pitfalls for caring for chronic health conditions during a pandemic
• Outline the differences in COVID-19 vaccines and what one needs to know

About Chow MD

The official Utreon channel for Chi-Ming Chow MD CM MSc FRCPC FCCS. Dr. Chow is an attending staff cardiologist at St. Michael’s Hospital and Toronto Heart Centre. He is a full professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto. He focuses on medical IT and education.

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This is unbelievable.

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