The Israeli Palestinian War Continues

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4m May 10, 2021

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gc1999 @gc1999 4m 4 months ago

Jihads want pedophiles to. Yes Convicted pedophiles to, can be holy warriors to. They are holy warriors to. Right now to.

Are you a sex trafficker of men, women and children? Well, we have slaves to. We really do. To this very day to. We want you to. They are holy warriors to. Right now to.

Are you a junkie? We want you to. Remember, this is the holy lands to. Paradise to, remember. For you to. After all, we invented junkies to. We know how to use you. We will give you a sword to. You can hack hack away to. Just like you want to (wink wink). They are holy warriors to. Right now to.

So come on, perverts. Let have some fun together to. There are a lot of us to. As we make people around us, suffer and dispare, to. We just cause that to. Then blame others to. Make them mad, on all sides to. At those we attack to. That's what we do. You can be covered in blood to, and listen to the children wail to. So much fun to, and you will get to rage to. With others to. Some much fun to rage to.

I could talk about your government now to. Right where you live now to. Since there are so many of them, in there now to.

So today is May 18 2021. So now every mourning I have to put up with lots of harassment from jihadies and junkies. Then they keep the stress topped off, throughout the day. Well other perverts to. They are always allowed, to do lots to me.

A recording I made talking about them. They are all the same to me. Psychopaths. Whom get along just fine with each other now to.

It was a weekly meetup. Not a monthly meetup I talked about.

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