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The System is Down Episode 250

WTF is Clubhouse? Just Podcasting but Worse? w. Jess Mears

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1m Jun 21, 2021

I've heard a lot of people (libertarians in particular) heavily advocating this new platform, Clubhouse. I did a small amount of digging, but I didn't find a clear answer as to what made this platform better or even as good as podcasting. I'm always open to being proven wrong.

Today's episode is my conversation with Jess Mears, on why she thinks Clubhouse is not only an innovative new social media platform, but an amazing tool to unify people from all walks of life. If you've listened to this show for any length of time, you know that I like the sound of that.

Is Clubhouse the future? Is it better than podcasting? Will Jess convince me to quit this show and go full Clubhouse? Find out now, on today's episode of The System is Down #250: WTF is Clubhouse? Just Podcasting but Worse? w. Jess Mears

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