Keep Your Discord Nitro Safe. Here's How.

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3m Aug 10, 2020

Discord Nitro Gifts are getting more and more common every day. People buy Discord Nitro very often. Did you know that there are 'Nitro Generators' that can basically steal your Discord Nitro Gifts? In addition, people use 'Discord Nitro Snipers' to try to quickly steal & claim Discord Nitro. In this video, I show you guys some ways that you can prevent this happening on your Discord Server!

This video is more of a public safety announcement than anything. Hopefully these tips can help you make sure what happened to my friend doesn't happen to you! Keep those Discord Nitros Safe :D

  1. Only gift Nitro if the other person is online.
  2. Don't 'drop' Discord Nitro Gifts into chats. Rather, host giveaways!

Both 'Discord Nitro Generators' and 'Discord Nitro Snipers' can end up resulting in your Nitro Gifts being stolen. I'd highly suggest you instead purchase Nitro Subscriptions directly for your friends, or even send them a few dollars on PayPal, so that they can purchase the Discord Nitro themselves. This way, you and your friend have no risk of getting your Discord Nitro claimed by someone else.

So in this video, I basically explain why buying Discord Nitro Gifts can result in someone else claiming your Nitro. The solution? Simply purchase Discord Nitro Subscriptions, or when you purchase gifts, make sure they are claimed quickly so that there is no issue. #Discord #Nitro #Gifts

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 A Discord Nitro Story
0:30 Discord Nitro Refund
1:20 Don't purchase Nitro Gifts!
2:00 Discord Nitro Gift Explained
3:10 Another Discord Nitro Gift Risk
3:50 Don't Drop Discord Nitros!
5:30 Thank you for 10K!
5:45 Conclusion

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