J.S. Bach: Sonata for Violin Solo No. 1 in G Minor, BWV 1001 - 4. Presto | Juan Dhas

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7m Feb 19, 2021

Was aiming to have this done last week, but that proved a little difficult in between shedding this and the construction happening in the building. The drill from two floors below went off pretty much right after recording this...

Here's the Bach Presto in G minor from the 1st Violin Sonata. Trying to really pay attention to dynamics and sound for this one, and make the piece "speak". Full disclaimer: I'm by no means a Classical musician, just a huge fan and somebody who thinks improvisers can learn a ton from this music.

Hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for a Part 1 of the lesson on this tomorrow...assuming I don't get interrupted by another drill going off!

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