germany just charged a world war 2 nazi for his crimes now lol

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3m Aug 10, 2021

germany just charged a world war 2 nazi for his crimes now lol

In this rageface studios video, I will be discussing a recent news story written by Inside Edition on Twitter Moments, which has also been corroborated by other news sources such as the BBC and Washington Post; on August 2, 2021, Germany decided to charge a 100-year-old ex-Nazi with crimes relating to his role in 3,500 fatalities in the Sachsenhausen Nazi concentration camp during World War 2 - near 80 years ago. Many have argued that due to the man's age and due to the social pressure (and possibly even legislation) at the time forcing many people to fight for the Nazis, the man shouldn't be charged, whilst many Twitter users, especially left-wing accounts, argue that he should be jailed to bring closure for the families, whilst his punishment, unfortunately, isn't enough, as he has lived a full life without accountability. This video discusses the story, contains others' reactions, and my opinions as well.

⏰ timestamps:
0:00 intro
1:16 prelude
2:10 reading the article
5:46 twitter's and my own reaction to the story
8:09 outro

original inside edition tweet: https://twitter.com/InsideEdition/status/1423048860025430020

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