1811 Slave Revolt - An Alternative Perspective (feat. Atun-Shei)

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1m Jul 21, 2021

First off, I must give very special thanks to John McCusker for his gracious hospitality for allowing us to film, as well as for his research and candid approach to the history, and the social ramifications of this topic that resonate still to this day.

If you're in New Orleans, or visiting, make sure you take time to go see the 1811 Kid Ory House and say hi to John from InRange & Atun-Shei:

On one of my more recent trips to New Orleans, I got together with Atun-Shei and we visited the Andry plantation house where the 1811 Slave Revolt began. In this video, we re-examine the uprising with fresh perspectives on what actually may have happened and contrast it to the relatively tiny amount of academic research done in relation to the actual significance of this important American revolt for freedom.

The 1811 Revolt, despite being the largest rebellion of enslaved people in American history, has not been the source of much scholarship, and in many ways is still poorly understood. Regardless, we were surprised how much our visit forced us to rethink the conventional historical narrative. In Atun-Shei's companion video, we examine the uprising primarily from a military perspective, discussing the weaponry the rebels used, the tactics they employed, and the likelihood of the rebels' long-term success if their battle with the local planter militia had gone a little bit differently.

Atun-Shei's video is here:


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