Path of Exile: The Bloody Baronness Necromancer Taking on Daresso (First Try)

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4y May 15, 2017

Take note that this build is a work-in-progress and there are many things that I haven't added yet on my build. I'm just sharing it here so you can have a glimpse on what I have been working on.

This build is a necromancer which focuses on utilizing tanky zombies with the help of primary items like the Baron Close Helmet and Mon'tregul's Grasp Void Sceptre.

Currently, I have 5 awesome zombies that can both dish out decent damage and can take damage really well. However, the downside is I'm really squishy as I'm currently using Tabula Rasa. I don't have survivability yet as I focus first on offense than survivability. :P Well, you can see clearly notice that in the video as I suck the Daresso fight.

Rest assured that I will upload more videos showcasing this build. And if you want to see my progress, then you should head to this page:

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