Danae and the golden rain - virtual reality painting

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3m Apr 1, 2021

A modern take on Danaë and the golden rain in the Greek mythology.

The King of Argos was predicted to be killed by his grandson. Frightened, he imprisoned her daughter, Danaë, in a chamber without doors or windows. But Zeus came as a golden rain through the roof and impregnated her.

Dropping Friday April 2nd 6:30pm PT on Nifty Gateway

About Anna Dream Brush

Anna Zhilyaeva - Virtual Reality Artist - Speaker. Mixed reality videos & Live performances worldwide. Clients and partners include: HTC Vive, Google, Tilt brush, IBM, Microsoft... This channel is dedicated to virtual reality painting.

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Sean Duncombe @sduncombe 3m 3 months ago

Really impressive how long did it take to draw that?

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