Top 10 Reasons I Should Be Mod on this Discord Server

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2w Nov 15, 2020

This video has the "top 10 reasons I should be mod in this discord server" meme or song. It's pretty funny lol, try sending it to the admins of your discord server. If you get mod, you owe me a subscriber :) I also have the download for the "top 10 reasons I should be mod in your discord server". Just check it out above! Discord Moderators are totally the best...

Download here:

Enjoy! Have fun! Maybe you'll become a Discord Moderator now.


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Looking for entertaining Discord videos? are in the right place! My name is Rishab Jain, and I make Discord videos! I have some bot tutorials, funny Discord trolling, Discord Badges, and more. If you like Discord, make sure to subscribe!


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