SHOT SHOW 2018: Franklin Armory REFORMATION

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3y Feb 27, 2018

Franklin Armory has skirted NFA SBR regulations by producing a gun so uniquely odd that it really can't be defined by law or practical definition.

The "Reformation" has rifling, but it's straight rifling. As a result, it's not a shotgun because it has rifling, but it's not imparting spin to the projectile so it, theoretically, it's not a SBR (short barreled rifle) either.

Franklin Armory has developed a weird football shaped proprietary projectile that they claim can perform at 1 MOA at 100 yards (in this video). The rifle can also use standard ammunition but with "sporadic" results.


We discuss this rifle and the ammunition, along with trying to understand the rationale and claims being made about the REFORMATION.

Videography thanks to:
Deviant Ollam
@deviantollam on Twitter

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