Why the Masterpiece of Medieval Philosophy was Never Finished | Thomas Aquinas

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1m Oct 12, 2021

Thomas Aquinas was the shining light of medieval philosophy. He worked on his masterpiece the Summa Theologica from 1265 until the year of his death in 1274. This book — most famous today for its 5 arguments for the existence of God — was the reason for his canonisation as a saint and doctor of the Catholic church fifty years after his death.
But the work was unfinished because a few months before Aquinas’s death something happened that caused him to abandon his masterpiece. When his socius (a sort of assistant) Reginald of Piperno begged him to continue his work Aquinas replied:
“I can do no more; such things have been revealed to me that all that I have written seems to me as so much straw.”

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