Eternal Society Paradox vs. Infinite Past (Audio Interview w/ Some Slides)

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11m Aug 30, 2020

This is an interview in the Classical Theism podcast on the Eternal Society Paradox and the Eternal Society Argument Against an Infinite Past, which can be used to help argue for the kalam cosmological argument. I've added some slides here and there to make it easier to follow.

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For those who want to see the original paper on the Eternal Society Paradox: http://aporia.byu.edu/pdfs/tisthammer-an_eternal_society_paradox.pdf

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Pruss’s blog article:

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0:00 Intro
0:58 Description of this episode
4:11 Interview Begins
4:42 1st Question: Backstory highlights
7:15 2nd Question: Overview of the Eternal Society Paradox paper
11:56 3rd Question: Setting up the paradox
13:34 4th Question: How it leads to a contradiction; the argument
17:35 5th Question: How might one avoid the conclusion?
19:07 6th Question: Does the paradox presuppose a particular theory of time?
19:37 7th Question: An objection against line (11)
23:05 8th Question: How does this paradox relate to the KCA?
25:47 9th Question: Additional objections?
29:49 10th Question: Where can they find out more about Wade's work?
30:16 Outro

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