Chieftain's Q&A #11

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1y May 11, 2020

The April Q&A has definitely shifted to May.... Topics vary from taking your tank on a foreign river cruise to Canadian pot sabot.

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Greetings and channel admin/merchandising!
Which five armored vehicles which no longer exist would I like to do a Hatch on?
Why was the Vickers 75mm HV not used on Centurion?
What is my opinion of exercises like Defender 2020? Is it a return to Reforger?
What would be my ideal tank?
What was the purpose of Japanese/Korean active suspension.
What are my favourite design features which though interesting had to be taken back behind the shed.
Does Bradley deserve its poor reputation?
If I could make anyone change to a tank, what would it be?
Will heavy vehicles be emphasized for urban fighting?
With today’s technology could me make Maus or T28?
What are my top “say what?” moments in the archive which led me down the rabbit hold?
Would it make more sense to separate out troops from the IFVs to have small troop carriers and purpose designed FVs?
Would the US have been more or less prepared for WW2 had anyone other than Barnes been in charge of US Army R&D.
What is Canadian Pot Sabot and why is it different from other sabot rounds?
Pastimes or sports which are not gun-related.
What concessions did NATO allies tanks make for NBC fighting.
Why wasn’t Panther proof against ATRs from the beginning?
When tanks were used for indirect fire, how was fire direction handled?
Why did the Soviets apparently not care about gun depression?
Are there any tanks that may have existed but cannot say for sure?
How easy or difficult is it for a loader to load the gun offroad on the move?
How has the tank been used in counter-insurgency?

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The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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