I (Re)Played Shining Force

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1m Dec 2, 2021

For the first time in around 20 years, I have re-played Shining Force for the Sega Genesis. This video isn't a review, per se, but just me taking a moment to talk about having played this gem of a game again.

Music Used:

  1. Title - Shining Force (Genesis)
  2. Prologue - Shining Force (Genesis)
  3. Battle 2 - Shining Force (Genesis)
  4. City (Standard City Track) - Shining Force (Genesis)
  5. Headquarters - Shining Force (Genesis)
  6. Reading Girl 1 (File Loading) - Shining Force (Genesis)
  7. Ending (Max and Adam's Event) - Shining Force (Genesis)
  8. Reading Girl 2 (Shutting Down - Ending Prologue) - Shining Force (Genesis)

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00:12 What is Shining Force?
00:02:10 My History with Shining Force
00:04:55 Replaying it Today
00:05:37 How Does it Hold Up?
00:07:19 Final Thoughts

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Harvester Of Eyes @harvester 1m 1 month ago

I always say the better Sega analogue for Fire Emblem is Langrisser. Not only did Langrisser 1 come out sooner than Shining Force (1991), but it has much more in common with FE1 than SF1 does: permadeath, lack of exploration, and being phase-based rather than speed-based. Hiroyuki Takahashi and co. had never played FE; SF would've existed with or without FE's existence. It seems that most of the people who make the comparison have just never heard of Langrisser.

The bad part of SF is that you don't get anywhere near the strategic complexity of Langrisser or FE. On the other hand, as you pointed out, the good part of SF is the pure charm that runs through all of those games. Camelot were absolute masters of making RPGs that hit all the requisite emotional highs. That's what makes their games so good.

Cool how you dabbled in Bahamut Lagoon all those years back, too. That's one game I really wish I had played earlier.

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Gaming is Gone @gamingisgone 1m 1 month ago

The reason I compared Fire Emblem and Shining Force back then was more focused on the two being the first-party SRPG series between the major console makers of the day. But yes, I can agree with the comparison between Fire Emblem and Langrisser being more apt, game-wise. Mind you, the only Langrisser I have really played a solid chunk of is Der Langrisser for SNES, and then only the one path. (Because that was all that was fan-translated back then.) I absolutely loved it, though, and have always wanted to go back and check out the rest of the series! I want to start in on the series again with Warsong, but man, it's become one of my cursed games that I just can't ever find, even at conventions.

Funny enough, when I first stumbled upon your channel, the thing that caught my eye most was all your Langrisser content. I thought to myself, "Okay, this guy's legit if he knows about Langrisser!", lol.

Oh, and one final note on Langrisser, I'm still honestly shocked that we got the Langrisser 1 & 2 remake here in the West! I bought it, of course, for the Switch, despite rather hating the new art for them... Just looks like cheap, mobile game artwork to me, and while you can change the character art back to the classic style in the game, that doesn't flip all the new sprites that are based on the new designs. While I want to go back and play the original versions, my wife rather enjoyed playing Langrisser 1 that way.

Finally, yes, Bahamut Lagoon absolutely blew me away back in the day! It is a staggeringly amazing game! I look forward to trying the new translation done by Byuu/Near, because while I will forever love DeJap Translations for enabling me to play so many of my now favorite SNES games, I believe they tended to embellish and/or exaggerate certain things for comedic effect. I'm curious how true to the original their presentation of certain things in Bahamut Lagoon were, such as Sendak's whole thing towards Byuu, as one potential example.

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