Can Master Chief Swim? (Part 2)

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3y Nov 25, 2017

He's super strong, super fast, and SUPER HEAVY! Master Chief is practically invulnerable except.. when he enters a kiddie pool without his floaties.. Not cool.

In this video we discuss: the Game Science: Can Master Chief Swim?

Say.. how does Master Chief swim? Or does he just sink to the bottom of the ocean and die? And why on Earth would we design super soldiers that can't even f*cking swim AND would die immediately if they were confronted with any significant body of water when most habitable planets that you would fight on are composed of at least 50-70% water...

Let's talk about the physics of Spartan armor in water. Will he float, will he sink, what modern technology could we incorporate into Spartan systems to make them effective in the water.

Let's find out if Spartans are a viable option for underwater missions. Join the Spartan Program research team and take a seat, we have to figure this out.

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