TAB Episode 25

Steyr AUG 9mm SMG

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3y Jul 2, 2018

This episode see Vic take a look at a Steyr AUG 9x19mm submachine gun conversion.

The modular nature of the AUG has enabled it to fulfil both the assault rifle and light machine gun roles but it also allowed for a 9mm carbine variant, introduced in the late 1980s.

Vic takes us through the nuances of the Steyr's design and shows us how the weapon is disassembled. Steyr continue to offer the A3 version of the AUG submachine gun today.

Check out Vic's accompanying blog here to find out more: https://armourersbench.com

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The Armourer's Bench is a collaborative effort from Vic Tuff and Matthew Moss. We will be bringing you detailed examinations of historic small arms from around the world.


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