Stop using apostrophes at the end of decades #shorts

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1m Sep 16, 2021

If you write "1980's" instead of "1980s," you are doing it wrong. Stop the madness. Stop using apostrophes at the end of decades, dangit.

I still love you @CGP Grey and @AlternateHistoryHub.

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#shorts #mrbeat #grammar

Let’s look at the definition of apostrophe, shall we?
a punctuation mark ( ’ ) used to indicate either possession or the omission of letters or numbers
Now if you write out decades like this it’s just fine. (‘60s, ‘90s) That’s the omission of numbers.
But possession?
When you say “Remember the 1980’s?” Remember the 1980’s...what? Their movies? Music? Hair? Nu-uh, you’re just telling me about the 1980s, aren’t you. You’re not trying tell me about something the 1980s OWNED? Hey, can decades even own something anyway?!? Speaking of owned, if you use apostrophes at the end of decades, consider yourself officially owned.

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