November 2018 Q&A

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2y Nov 29, 2018

Nick R
I asked last month for all our CMP Garand folks, but when testing the shuster plug, were the commercial loads safe at the minimum M2 ball gas setting? IE, did the minimum M2 ball gas setting bring the commercial loads down to M2 ball oprod velocities? As always, love your content, keep it up!

Colton B
Repeat question here. What was the first known use of optical sights, and what would they have been on?

Melvin L
In a previous episode, I believe I saw an RCBS reloading press in your room. If you do handloading, what other equipment do you use and what calibers do you reload?

Sheldon R
Asked before. Do you think loophole devices like the shockwave, pistol braces or bumpstocks hurt of help the shooting community?

Nick C
Any plans for a wheel/ lever gun themed match?

Mitchell C
What do you like living out west and what are your thoughts about moving from the deep south out that way?

London J
Why in your opinion do many gun companies have outlandish ad campaigns/social media (Q/Kel-Tec recently/Spikes)?

David M
A Cyber security question for Karl: Are VPN services worth it in general and Nord VPN specifically?. Also, what cross devise password program (apple devices) would you recommend?

Craig S
What is InRange TV's "target market", or put another way, what types of viewers (demographics, shooting background) does InRange target?

Karl, the FN Five-seveN is an expensive handgun even for any of FNs high end offerings. Is there anything about it that justifies the cost as things stand? If not, would that change if the AP ammunition was legal and reasonably accessible?

Wes S
Hi. I'm a Canadian planning on making it to desert brutality. Would I have more fun with my 3gun gamer gear, or my Canadian C7 clone and more tactical type gear?

Kevin B
I am looking into a Brownell's M16A1 as my first AR, are carry handle mounted optics a good option or is it "Picatinny or go home"?

If you had a time machine, would you rather go backward or forward in time to experience the firearms/weapons from that period?

Brion B
For your go to rifle what optics would you pick

Anthony O
What degree of physical fitness would you consider a prerequisite for DB 2019?

What should I take in consideration when us ing a Mauser c96 "red nine" (change of springs, ammo etc.).

Frank L
If Aimo Lahti had successfully migrated to the US, how might his influence have affected US service weapons development?

Levi C
what firearm never fails to put a grin on your face when you shoot it?

Brian C
If one was wanting to build a VC/NVA Vietnam era AK from a parts kit, what would be appropriate outside those of Chinese and Russian origin? East German, Romanian, Hungarian, etc?

Nuclear power: pro/con/neutral?

Spencer L
Hey guys, I'm really loving the WWI Centennial match series, and my favorite videos are always the ones where you bring historical firearms to a practical shooting match environment. Will we continue to see more of these or are you guys getting tired of them?

Derek B
What are some the best shooting surplus Mauser action rifles you can buy?

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