Some notes on how the M1 Garand magazine really works, and some more myths dispelled

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4y Jan 26, 2017

As part of his ongoing quest to increase the total sum of all human knowledge (never knowingly understated is Our Man here) and to wipe out Bad Gen, he takes on a couple of myths and common misunderstandings as to how the magazine and clip on the M1 Garand really function. Not how some Ian Hogg (or whoever) book says they do, but how they really do.

So here we've got why you can't load 8+1, at what point the clip ejects and where the bolt is (so you can't have the bolt held back improperly and still insert a clip), and some notes on the automatic bolt release and what happens when you short-load the magazine with less than 8 rounds. And a little random sidetrack about how little the bolt overtravels...

PS - yes, I've seen the editing error. Sorry about that...

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