DIY FOOT ARMOR ♞ Imperial Knight Sabatons - How To Make Leather Armor

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1m Sep 21, 2021

DIY FOOT ARMOR ♞ Imperial Knight Sabatons - How To Make Leather
♞ Get the Pattern HERE: https://bit.ly/IK-Sabatons

More Imperial Knight Patterns:
♞ BUNDLE: https://bit.ly/IK-Bundle 🔥🔥🔥🔥
♞ Helmet: https://bit.ly/IK-Helm
♞ Breastplate: https://bit.ly/IK-Breastplate
♞ Pauldrons: https://bit.ly/IK-Pauldrons
♞ Bracers/Cuffs: https://bit.ly/IK-Bracers
♞ Tassets: https://bit.ly/IK-Tassets
♞ Gauntlets, Arms, Tassets, Legs, & Bonus items coming soon!

GLOWFORGE: http://bit.ly/GlowForge - Save $500!
WEAVER LEATHER: http://bit.ly/ShopWeaver

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Welcome to the next tutorial! This time I'll be showing you how to make the DIY Sabatons (Foot Armor) Leather Armor. Learn how to make armor by Prince Armory! This video builds upon past tutorials so if it felt a little fast to understand it completely, be sure to check out previous tutorials in the series! You will be able to learn leather crafting and armor crafting with our complete tutorial series. Be a star at your next Renaissance Festival or cosplay as a warrior at the next comic convention. Or arm yourself for battle at your next LARP combat event! Or just dive into the amazing craft of leatherworking!

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