The Jensen Interceptor Story

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7m Jul 14, 2020

The Jensen Interceptor, quite possibly the coolest name for a car, ever, is to me the epitome of 1970s high end driving. There’s nothing more 70s than playing the latest tunes on your 8-track, and with Cliff Richard being a fan of the car it’s not hard to imagine him blasting down the M1, music blaring out of the windows. Jensen Motors was much more than the Interceptor. It’s a car that foreshadowed the Audi Quattro by 15 years and set a world record that stood for over 30 years.

Intro music from Lord Wallace: https://soundcloud.com/lord-wallace/sets/lord-wallace

FF photos (many thanks!): https://classicmotorhub.com/showroom/1969-jensen-ff/

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