An interestingly manky Mauser Kar98k: how did it wear?

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4y May 11, 2017

NB: Filmed a while ago, I've learned some more about this particular rifle since (see below). And I've since modded the extractor to work like it's supposed to - at the time of filming, the front face was absolutely flat and had no bevel, so would NOT clip over the rim of a chambered round.

The Bloke considers that it is often more enlightening to look at a well-worn example of a firearm rather than a shiny new one. Here's a perfect example - a Mauser 98k that is in working order, but has clearly seen better days and has a few interesting points of wear.

As is typical of The Bloke, he also manages to accidentally bust some of the Internet myths about the infallibility of the Mauser 98 system... UPDATE: since uploading this video, The Bloke has filed the extractor so it will now clip over the rim of a cartridge.

And yes, he does know now that the stock is Israeli (he didn't when filming but he does now).

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