Gladle: 1500W Portable Electric Ceramic Space Heater | With Overload & Tip-Over Protection [REVIEW]

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4m Apr 26, 2021

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★ Product Information And Links:
WrapnStore: Gladle: 1500W Portable Electric Ceramic Space Heater | With Overload & Tip-Over Protection [REVIEW]

• Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3aInTav

★ Product Description:
(TITLE) Space Heater, 1500W Portable Electric Heater for Office Home, Ceramic Heater with Thermostat & Tip Over Protection, Small Heater with Overheat Protection, Indoor Use

● Simplicity and Style: This ‘ calming blue’ cube is extremely effective at heating small living spaces, but stays cool to the touch. The small heater features simple plug-in-and-use operation with classic dials to set mode ( high heat, low heat, and fan-only cooling).

● PTC Ceramic Heating System: The advanced PTC system combines highly effective heating with exceptional safety. The ceramic heating elements naturally regulate the temperature and there’s no burning smell, unlike with traditional electric heaters.

● High Performance and Low Noise: The Gladle heater reaches 35℃/95℉ within 3 seconds of start-up and has a top temperature of 50°C/122°F. A low noise level of less than 50dB also means it won’t disturb your work, study, or sleep.

● Exceptional Safety: Safety is a natural property of the PTC system, but overheating prevention is still included for peace of mind. There’s also a tip-over safety switch to shut off the unit just in case it’s accidentally knocked over.

● Compact and Lightweight: A portable heater that weighs only 1.27kg/2.79lbs. Very easy to move around for heat where you need it.

Virtues of PTC Heating Material:

Safe operation: The PTC has the function of thermostat without catching fire or burning, which greatly reduces security risks.

Over-heat protection & Tip-over protection: Gladle space heater will auto shut off when over-heater or tilted.

Energy-saving: The output power will be reduced when the ambient temperature rises, acting as an automatic power adjustment machine.

Vibration-proof: Heating element is always the weakest part of a heater, while PTC heater will still work normally after being dropped from a height of 4ft.

Fast heating: The PTC heater can generate heat fast in just 3 seconds after turning on.

Quiet Operation: The Gladle ceramic heater is designed to offer minimal noise disruption (less than 50dB) without interrupting your reading, rest, work and sleep.

Tip-Over Switch: With the built-in tip-over switch, this heater will automatically shut-off when tilted or knocked over, ensuring safety of children and pets.

Adjustable Thermostat: With the thermostat, this space heater will always keep your room at the optimum temperature and is efficient to run.


Power Supply: 120 V AC 60Hz(US)
Power Consumption: 900 Watts (Low) 1500 Watts (High)
Modes: 1500 W (High) 900 W (Low) Natural Wind
Tip-over Switch: Yes
Over-heat Protection: Yes
Safety Certificate: Yes

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