J.P. Morgan: “Gold Price To Lose Luster Near $2,000”

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1y Jul 28, 2020

#JPMorgan: “#Gold Price To Lose Luster Near $2,000”

On Monday, criminal enterprise J.P. Morgan published a rather bizarre report titled “Gold Price To Lose Luster Near $2,000.”

The report was bizarre, not because the title is completely out of the realm of possibility, but rather in that the bank’s explanation made little sense.

Additionally, it's ironic in how right as the gold price was within $20 of the $2,000 mark on Monday night, the price once again looked like it fell off a cliff. Eerily reminiscent of one of the “spoofs” that several former J.P. Morgan employees have already confessed to doing thousands of times.

Is it possible that the price of gold didn't reach $2,000 because of a spoof by J.P. Morgan, or one of the other investment banks that has already acknowledged their repeated involvement in this crime?

To find out, click to watch the video now!

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Bandalar @bandalar 11m 11 months ago

I noticed that as Gold approached $2000, an enormous number of analysts were calling for a pullback. Pretty much the entire mainstream, and even a lot of gold bugs. I figured that if everybody expects a pullback, it probably will not happen - especially since gold spent so long consolidating around the $1600-1700 level.

I wouldn't count on a major pullback anytime soon - gold's rise has been way too orderly for that.

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