Ep. 10 Tuesday Conversation with Friends: Jeremy Siskind 12.22.2020

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9m Dec 22, 2020

This week we have Jeremy Siskind, pianist-composer whose music reaches deep into the listeners' souls.

Critically acclaimed award-winning jazz composer whose Debussy’s Etudes with jazz standards debuted at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Hall, is established as one of the nation’s most innovative and virtuosic modern pianists.

As the leader of “The Housewarming Project,” Siskind has not only created “a shining example of chamber jazz” (Downbeat) whose albums often land on critics’ “best of the year” lists. He’s also established himself as a pioneer of the in-home concert movement by presenting well over 100 in-home concerts in 26 states. In 2020, the Housewarming Project winner of a $30,000 grant from Chamber Music America’s New Jazz Works program (supported by the Doris Duke Foundation).

As a highly-respected educator, Siskind has written 13 publications with Hal Leonard, including the landmark instructional books Jazz Band Pianist and First Lessons in Piano Improv. He currently teaches at California’s Fullerton College, chairs the National Conference for Keyboard Pedagogy’s “Creativity Track,” and spreads peace through music in places like Lebanon, Tunisia, and Thailand's non-profit organization, Jazz Education Abroad. Jeremy Siskind is a Yamaha artist.
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This is the link to his Perpetual Motion, Etudes to Piano, mentioned in the interview. https://jeremysiskind.com/perpetual-motion-etudes/

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