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My Top Sayuri Anime Songs
3 hours ago

Now that she finally has enough songs for me to make a video, it's time I did one. While she's obviously nowhere near the level she was at after the first 2 songs, she's still usually solid. Links:...

My Top kz (livetune) Anime Songs
6 days ago

Last time I did a video on kz was 2015, when he only had 17 songs and most of them were great. Then again, making cast and idols sound decent is borderline impossible. Notes: I didn't include the Laidbackers insert cause it plays for like 8 seconds or.

1 week ago

They've been on a pretty weak run lately but at least the older songs are still good. Notes: The 2 image songs for Ballroom are songs there were used in the 4th and 5th PVs. Links:

My Top Hiroko Moriguchi Anime Songs
1 week ago

Taking a break from gaming to do a video on crappy boomer artists. Crazy that after debuting in 1985, when she was 17, and doing 12 songs between 85 and 91, she would go 24 years without an anime song before doing OPM in 2015. ...

My Top Konomi Suzuki Anime Songs
1 month ago

I remember when I first got into top listing in 2013 I absolutely hated her. Nowadays she's generally pretty good. Didn't help the first songs I got to rank from her were the awful Freezing Vibration and Vanadis songs. Notes: I put the Ultimate Zero ED

My Top BUMP OF CHICKEN Anime Songs
1 month ago

One of the best artists in anime. But why do all their best songs end up in hyper obscure stuff nobody watches? Notes: I didn't include the other song from Yume ga Sameru made cause it's like 8 seconds long. While I usually don't count MVs, I included

My Top Taiiku Okazaki Anime Songs
1 month ago

He really should stick to composing instead of singing. Links:

My Top Yoko Ishida Anime Openings & Endings
1 month ago

What's with singers names Yoko and having secret identities they pretend are other people? Anyways, since she's not doing Luminous Witches, figured I'd update with the pair of songs she did last year and her song under the NANA name. ...

My Top Sora Amamiya Solo Openings & Endings
1 month ago

Would be nice if she would stop blackmailing whoever at Sony she has dirt on for singles. Links:

My Top Shoko Nakagawa Anime Openings & Endings
2 months ago

Gurren Lagann kinda hides the fact that she's usually forgettable. But at least the Gurren Lagann songs are fire. Notes: I didn't include her recent Shimajirou movie theme because most of the time those tend to be inserts and not EDs. ...

My Top ClariS Anime Songs
2 months ago

Definitely not as good as they used to be, but still an incredible top 5. Notes: I put Nisekoimonogatari as a decimal cause it has like no animation in it and calling it an anime feels like cheating. $5+ Backers: ...

My Top Aika Kobayashi Anime Songs
2 months ago

Aika's actually a lot better artist than it seems, a really strong top 2 and nothing bad. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Maaya Sakamoto Anime Songs
2 months ago

After 6 years and about a dozen new songs, time for a new video. Still find it crazy that there's a seiyuu that can actually sing this well. Rules: Solos only, no cast shit. Though she's actually only been in 3 cast songs ever, the last ep eds for El

My Top Jean-Ken Johnny (MAN WITH A MISSION) Anime Songs
2 months ago

By some miracle we finally got a MWAM song not composed by Kamikaze Boy and it's one of their better ones. Who would have guessed? Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Solo Maaya Uchida Anime Openings & Endings
2 months ago

Another updated artist list for the new season. Still forgettable af but improving. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top YUKI Anime Songs
2 months ago

Even a deaf squirrel is right once a decade. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Rica Matsumoto Anime Openings & Endings
2 months ago

Whoops, accidentally uploaded the bad YT version of this video. Rules: Solos, duets, and JAM Pro songs that specifically feature her only. I used the original version of each song with the exception of High Touch! cause OG High Touch! is so bad I don't

My Top TrySail Anime Songs
2 months ago

After a 1-year hiatus, TrySail returns with some of their worst songs yet. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top EGOIST Anime Songs
2 months ago

Another update for new season. Rules: Only version of each song, cause there's a stupidly large amount of remixes of their songs in anime. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Masayoshi Ooishi Anime Songs
2 months ago

Another quick update, featuring the piece of crap from this season and quality improvements to the Ple Ple Pleiades Clementine-hen OP/ED. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers: