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My Top TRUE Anime Songs
14 hours ago

You know, when you actually go through all her songs at once, she's not as bad as you probably think she is. Notes: NITRO was a 4 person unit she was in in the 90s, included it as a .5. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers: ..

My Top EXiNA (Shiena Nishizawa) Anime Songs
1 day ago

I still can't get used to her singing about Jesus. Notes: Judgement Assizes was only released to backers so visuals come the PV. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Spira Spica Anime Songs & Anime Song Covers
2 days ago

I wish more artists would do random covers on their singles. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top EXILE/EXILE TRIBE Anime Openings & Endings
3 days ago

The amount of songs they've done has basically doubled in the last couple years for some reason. I focused only on units that contain the word EXILE in their name, didn't include any associated acts like DOBERMAN INFINITY or THE ROOTLESS. Patreon stuff:

My Top Asaka Anime Songs
5 days ago

One new song this time. I wish she'd lay off the Camp franchise. Notes: Both versions of the Centaur ED would have the same rank, so I put the slightly better one. $5+ Backers:

My Top non-JAM Project Yoshiki Fukuyama Anime Openings & Endings
5 days ago

For a member of JAM Project he has surprisingly few songs. Also he doesn't suck that much. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top FLOW Anime Songs
6 days ago

One new song and a few quality improvements here. Did you know Naruto has BDs now and they actually look good? Notes: Shounen-hen OP 2 is sadly not findable, visuals are just some random stuff someone put together a while back. Patreon stuff:...

My Top Riko Azuna Anime Songs
1 week ago

I never noticed how much of a consistently good singer she is till now. Whiteout is just so awful it kinda overshadows everything else. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top ASCA Anime Songs
1 week ago

Lots of changes on this video, with many clips replaced with BDs and 2 new songs. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Azusa Tadokoro Anime Openings & Endings
1 week ago

New season means new versions of my old lists, starting with one of Azusa's worst songs. Notes: There's no singer confirmed for the OP/ED of Heroes: Battle Disk Densetsu, I'm just guessing that it's her so I put a decimal. Patreon stuff:...

My Top Yoko Takahashi Anime Songs
2 weeks ago

I just found out that she was lying about Ryuuko Takahashi being her sister and it was actually her the whole time. I feel so betrayed. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Kenta Matsukuma Anime Songs
3 weeks ago

Aka the guy who founded SCRAMBLES, which you've probably seen if you paid attention to the credits of any BiSH or EMPIRE song. Notes: While I highly doubt any person besides myself would even ask anything about this, while Kenta was involved with the...

My Top DAIGO Openings and Endings
3 weeks ago

BREAKERZ are honestly so underrated. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Sayaka Kanda Anime Songs
4 weeks ago

And the other video paying tribute to Sayaka Kanda's career in honor of her passing. Rest in Peace. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Aimer Anime Songs
1 month ago

Crazy that she's done 7 songs this year and somehow most of them are good. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

My Top Kumi Koda Anime Songs
1 month ago

Can we get another guess? Notes: Ok, so technically Blank Papers members haven't been officially confirmed, but it's pretty obviously Kumi Koda and her husband KENJI03. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers: ...

My Top Suara Anime Songs
1 month ago

Another reupload with no changes. Patreon stuff: $5+ Backers:

Top ALI PROJECT Anime Openings & Endings (feat. MiCRONiQUE)
2 months ago

In honor of their first not horrible song in over a decade, here's a new version of this list. Tiebreaker: YonGin MiCRO: Stats: I had a 3.45 average to MiCRO's 2.41. I had the higher...

My Top Nagi Yanagi Anime Songs
2 months ago

Really didn't expect her to bust out her best song in a decade this season. Notes: I included the Just Because! ED as a decimal cause it's her lone song that she composed but didn't sing. Perfect Day I also put as a decimal because while it is an MV,..

Top Nana Mizuki Solo & Duet Openings & Endings (Party Rank)
2 months ago

I wonder why I even decided to do this in the first place. Tiebreaker: Mori Stats: Name Average Green Red Daytona-520 7.14 16 3 Yukinori