Resident Evil 4

12 videos
One idiot plays, one laughs at him
Resident Evil 4-Part 12. It's Cold
2 weeks ago

Zack finishes the chapter while eating mac and cheese and Jonathan eats biscuits while judging Zack harshly for being bad at video games.

Resident Evil 4-Part 11. The Bugs are Back in Town
3 months ago

Zack plays, there

Resident Evil 4-Part 9. BUG?!
4 months ago

Zack plays, Jon laughs

Resident Evil 4-Part 8. Zack loses his sanity
5 months ago

As Zack goes insane, Jonathan laughs at his suffering

Resident Evil 4-Part 7. Shrek's cousin Smek
5 months ago

Zack plays like an idiot while Jonathan laughs at him

Resident Evil 4-Part 6. Ashley gives me the look.
5 months ago

Zack plays. Jonathan laughs at his misery

Resident Evil 4-Part 5. Shrek's Cousin Shrok
5 months ago

One guy playing, one guy commenting on his stupidity

Resident Evil 4-Part 4. The Snake Episode
6 months ago

Does anyone like snakes?

Resident Evil 4- Part 3. Bear Traps are my mortal enemy
6 months ago

Reagan and Bone Hunter having fun with bear traps

Resident Evil 4- Part 2. The Luckiest Cowboy
7 months ago

More Reagan and Leon

Resident Evil 4- Part 1. (Ft. Reagan with Da Cheese commentary)
7 months ago

Just a guy playing Resident Evil 4 while talking to Ronald Reagan