Phenix JiRa Living Channel

5 months ago 0 comments

Hi there! Please visit my channel called Phenix JiRa Living ~ ~ if you're interested in watching my chicken raising...

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Tier 1
8 months ago 0 comments

Utreon Requests

8 months ago 1 comment

One thing I like about Utreon is how quickly they respond to emails asking for help or offering suggestions. Here are a few of the things I've brought up...

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Comment Response on Utreon

8 months ago 0 comments

Some creators who appear to be using this platform as a backup to YouTube don't seem to notice when people comment on their videos here on Utreon. When I...

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Literature Section Needed

9 months ago 1 comment

Utreon seriously needs a literature topic. An area for all things books whether fiction or non-fiction. I was going to post my poetry reading in the...

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Upload Update & Some Interesting Info

9 months ago 0 comments

Hello there… this is Phenix JiRa, creator of all videos found on this channel.

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Why Utreon? I compare them to Rumble, Odysee & YouTube

10 months ago 0 comments

As I spend time posting videos on YouTube and watching so many creators suffer from mistreatment, demonetization, or the ultimate banning of their channel,...

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