Broken Simulation
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Broken Simulation – E30
2 weeks ago
Host Sam Tripoli shares another harrowing tale from the road this week, this one involving a severely broken leg and an obnoxious woman with special "gifts." Joining us for the news is friend of the show, comedian Jayson Thibault, promoting his new album.
Broken Simulation – E29
3 weeks ago
Sure, we talk about John McAfee, Eddie Bravo getting high on shrooms, and something called Chunky Chicken, but the most important thing this week is that our host Sam Tripoli went No. 2 in the shower. Go to and use Promo Code BROKENSIM to...
Broken Simulation – E28
1 month ago
We cover the Legion of Skanks/Tim Dillon vs. Anthony Jeselnik thing, why Jim Jeffries sucks, and a John Lennon tune that may surprise you. Later in the episode, hosts Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard share an update on their Yelp! review from last week,...
Broken Simulation – E27
1 month ago
Hosts Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard are back, and they were supposed to be joined by Luis (J.) Gomez, but he didn't make it. This week Sam shares some crucial observations from his people watching expeditions, and the guys go in depth on the oppressive.
Broken Simulation – E26
1 month ago
Comedian Chris Neff joins the guys as our first ever in-studio guest, and he shares a number of great tips for maintaining a healthy colon. Also this week, Sam Tripoli shares the story of his new hero, an unmasked rapping airline passenger, and Johnny...
Broken Simulation – E24
2 months ago
Hosts Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard go elbow deep on the Tony Hinchcliffe junk, the Central Intelligence Agency's wonky recruiting video, and Sam recounts another journey deep into the wilds of Hollywood, California. Please support our sponsors: Go to..
Broken Simulation – E22
3 months ago
Host Sam Tripoli shares his big nature TV theory, and Johnny Woodard shares the most shocking news story we've yet seen (it's about a racial cake) on the latest episode of Broken Simulation. Please, support our sponsors: Go to...
Broken Simulation – E21
3 months ago
Broken Simulation's progress toward world dominance in every obscure podcasting category takes a giant leap forward this week when hosts Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard declare themselves the top bathhouse review podcast in the world, and learn that they..
Broken Simulation – E20
4 months ago
On his recent trip to Austin host Sam Tripoli nearly got into two fights on the same flight. For that story, along with a number of other zany tales, including the wacky story of Sam's crazy stripper ex-girlfriend, check out this, the 20th episode of...
Broken Simulation – E19
4 months ago
Welcome to America's ninth favorite storytelling podcast, Broken Simulation! On this week's episode hosts Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard recap Sam's crazy little visit to the East Coast to guest on Tim Pool's podcast, and get into a spot of politics...
Broken Simulation – E18
5 months ago
On this week's Broken Simulation host Sam Tripoli reveals his obsession with Godzilla, and along with Johnny Woodard breaks down a trailer for the upcoming "Godzilla vs. Kong" film in a most agonizing fashion. Our sponsors: Get 15 percent off your first.
Broken Simulation – E17
5 months ago
Sam Tripoli and Johnny Woodard are joined in studio by XG from Tin Foil Hat to discuss their 2021 goals. Also this week, Tino Sanchez calls in to pay off his Biden bet, and Sam reveals that he feels much older lately. Sponsors: Get 15 percent off your..