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3 months ago
This Thursday’s 5% inflation number was shocking to anyone who’s paying attention, and while the Federal Reserve might not care, it will have an impact on your life, as well as the #silver market. Fortunately, the impact can be positive when you...
3 months ago
With the US Mint admitting that there’s actually a “global silver shortage,” it makes you wonder if this scheme is close to the end of the road. Dave Kranzler joins me to discuss silver supply and the interesting comments from the Mint and the...
3 months ago
Here’s why silver premiums are still rising: James Anderson of SD Bullion joins me to explain To find out more, click to watch the video now! **** To see the evidence so can send the letter for yourself to Maxine Waters or other representatives of...
5 months ago
Silver finish the week right around $25, while the freighter ship remains stuck in the Suez Canal, and money continues to leave the silver trusts. To find out more, click to watch the video now! ---- To find out more about Aurcana Silver Corporation go