China vs India | The State and the Society

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3w Sep 30, 2021

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During the 1850s Karl Marx summarized what became known as the Asiatic Mode of Production. A theory according to which Asian societies developed economically and politically around cliques of wealthy city rulers, exploiting a peasantry. This was an attempt by Marx to force his theory of historical materialism onto Asian history, by defining a replica of European feudalism. Of all the errors of Marxism this is one of the worst, and unfortunately persist in many circles to this day. In this video I will be taking the examples of India and China to show how political development in many Asian countries occurred very differently from many of the theories that outdated European political theorists cooked up. China and India underwent two vastly separate political developments into statehood that resulted in two vastly separate social contracts and state structures. I hope you will enjoy this brief overview of Indian and Chinese political history.

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Sponsorship (0:00)
Misconceptions on the history of Statehood ((2:06)
China creates the first State (2:46)
How Religion shaped the first Indian societies ​(8:48)
The conflict between Confucianism and Legalism (15:56)
The difficulty of creating an Indian State (24:32)
The advantages and disadvantages of the powerful Chinese State (30:47)
The advantages and disadvantages of the powerful Indian Society (36:16)
Challenges China and India face due to their political history (42:56)
Dedicated in memory of Faith Olive Falcon (47:51)
Outro and whats next (48:00)

The Origins of Political order - Francis Fukuyama
Jacques Garnett - A History of Chinese Civilization
Ran Sharan Sharma - India's Ancient Past

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