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2w May 26, 2021

Neville believes he has good reason to take a relaxed approach to social distancing. After all, his extensive online investigations have revealed the hidden reality behind the so-called pandemic. But will Neville's selfless actions present a real danger to the elderly residents at the sinister Mountview Towers?
In a post-truth landscape of fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theory, 'Denial' explores the dramatic consequence of one lonely man's attempt to make sense of a complex and frightening world.

Written & directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Neil Summerville
Video edited by Howard White
Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson


“Neil Summerville is on finest character form as Neville, fully-paid-up member of the “Tin Hat” brigade, complete with sellotaped glasses and “Mad As A Hatter” drinking mug.
Dixon Potter’s topical script is a very entertaining half hour topical sketch which will resonate with much of its audience and provide a useful sociological record of the time. With a deeply studied fun performance at its heart, and a few clever visuals, this is one worth watching online and should transfer well to the live stage once the subject is history”
★★★★★ (four and a half Stars) Theatre Monkey

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Golden Age Theatre Company is dedicated to creating theatre which explores 'big ideas' in both historical and contemporary settings.

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