Tuesday Conversation with Friends: The Holistic Opera Singer 09.15.2020 Ep: 2

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5m Apr 5, 2021

Tuesday Conversations with Friends: The Holistic Opera Singer - Diana Briscoe. We had some technical challenges today with Instagram Live, but we were able to record the conversation via Zoom. Diana and I met on the set of Le Nozze di Figaro in Los Angeles, CA. Today we talked about the journey she’s taken to become a holistic healer who shares her gifts with other creatives! Tips and insights into how to unblock your creativity! #operasingersofinstagram #opera #holistichealing #hypnotherapy #wholeperson #selfcompassion #meditation

About Tuesday Conversation w/ Friends

Tuesday Conversation with Friends is a conversation series born out of our unique experience during the pandemic in 2020. One day, I started leafing through my Facebook friends list and realized I have absolutely fascinating friends.


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