January 2021 Q&A w/Tacticool Girlfriend

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6m Jan 28, 2021

Let's kick off the new year with a guest Q&A host, Tacticool Girlfriend!

Tacticool Girlfriend is relatively new to the firearms content scene and you should definitely go check out her excellent work!

You can find her at the following distribution points:


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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
5:08 John W - Are hotpockets a calzone?
6:05 Tim B - What is the hardest part of releasing content for new channels?
7:05 Gater Doc (?) - Are there any crypted or mythological creatures you find interesting?
10:06 Kentsok - Have you seen a sasquatch?
10:35 Jason N - Do you think it's possible to meaningfully change gun ownership demographics to overcome all the morons with bad opinions out there?
16:09 Vox - What is the best training or education thats not firearms related that we can be doing right now on a very slim budget to keep ourselves and others safe?
19:05 Craig - Thoughts on Sam Cummings and Interarms?
20:30 Deviant Ollam - Many of us love the vaporwave (?) aesthetic of your channels music and art theme, how long have you enjoyed this aesthetic and is it part of your not online personality at all?
25:55 Jay S (?) Luca - Do you feel there is a reasonable concern how non inclusive the gun world can be to people of all stripes?
30:18 Bob G - Are there any resources available to identify and locate LGBTQ and POC friendly public ranges and gunstores and if not how do you go about creating such a resource, perhaps a modern take on the greenbook?
32:47 Rebecca F - Do you have any advice for someone who's looking to start producing history content a little like yours from their part of the world?
37:08 Kyle P - Your channel seems to center around "how to" and gear guides. What is your vision for your channel and do you plan in getting in on any left field topics like InRange?
39:47 Michael J - Would you rather have: an inexhaustible supply of cash, an inexhaustible supply of ammo or an inexhaustible supply of beer?
44:55 Christopher L - Are there any plans to upscale the KP15 polymer lower into 7.62x51?
45:55 Levi H - What was your introduction to firearms and what was your first gun?
48:22 Walker S - If all modern polymer handguns are basically interchangeable why do we see such a diverse supply of handguns for both civilian and military?
53:35 Jordan W - Not to imply its your responsibility to do so but have you ever taken measures to prevent people from forming a parasocial relationship with you?
59:37 Finn - Beans in Chili? (7 minutes for this question is the correct time)
1:07:00 Steven P - Do you have any thoughts on internet access as a basic human right?
1:12:01 Phase (?) - If a gremlin or other small humanoid of negligible weight were to fire a fullsized modern rifle, would the recoil be powerful enough to inhibit their accuracy?
1:13:14 Ashtrodeyall (???) - What sort of cat ears are most tactical to put on my kit?
1:14:28 Travis R - Billy The Kid, Wyatt Earp, John Wesley Hardin, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickock. Pick two to be on your side and you have to go to a gunfight against the other three in the year 1880 - any period correct firearms allowed.
1:16:25 Rumblestrip - Now that you've had the chance to fire the 7.5 Berno (?) cartridge, would you say it would make a superior pcc?
1:19:05 Garret S - What is the one accessory you can't live without and one you see everywhere and wish it could never be seen again?
1:20:29 Deviant Ollam - Covid has none of us traveling but do you anticipate that once the pandemic is managed that you'll journey to other firearms events?
1:22:12 Cutler R - Is a poptart a ravioli?
1:22:36 Chris L - Have you considered joining the warrior poet society network?
1:22:48 Adam S - If you could speak for all female shooters to all male shooters, what could you tell us?
1:24:57 Fudge - I'm getting a Daniel Defense DD5 in 6.5 Creedmore as my semiauto precision gun. 18 inch or 20 inch, what would you go with?
1:25:56 Sebastian B - Is a chilidog a (no idea, sry)?
1:26:24 Casey - What are your feelings on tactical fannypacks for the idea of always keeping medical, snacks and small tools on you?
1:28:08 Marc F - With 5.56 prices what they are, is there a dawn of a new age of enthusiasm for battle rifles?
1:29:16 Ryan H - What are your favourite live music shows that you have attended?
1:31:20 Weimran (?) - Do you think 2-gun-matches could be translated to airsoft?
1:33:13 Checkmate058 - Productive discussions with anti-gun-people that were positive in some way?
1:37:37 Nick H - What are some good events and orgs out there to get more marginalized groups out there into the fireams community?

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