Desert Tech MDR: Issues Resolved

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2y Feb 18, 2019

Desert Tech has released their own official ammo testing video as well here:

When Desert Tech initially sent us the MDR we had a lot of issues: short strokes, failures to eject, light primer strikes, torn rims.

However, unlike some other companies, they took that input and collaborated with us towards actually resolving the issues.

We have received the MDR back with an entirely new gas system, a new extractor and a new hammer spring.

We are very happy to inform our audience that the MDR now lives up to the expectations! The rifle is running flawlessly with M80 mil-surp ball and even has less perceived recoil in the process.

We can not give higher accolades or kudos to Desert Tech for being responsible, ethical and fantastic to work with! InRange is excited to see the birth of what is ostensibly the most advanced bullpup take flight.

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