(Nerf Gameplay) HUNT the VIP

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2y Sep 4, 2019

Today we're playing "Escort the VIP" The rules are simple.

A large group of defenders protect the VIP, while the VIP collects three arm bands ("Intel"), from around the play field. Once all three arm bands have been collect, the VIP must make it to the safe zone for the VIP to win.

The defenders have one life each but they can be revived by a medic. The medic is chosen by the defenders so the attackers do not know who is it.

Attackers have to stop the VIP from completing their mission. The attackers have unlimited lives but must stand in place for 15 seconds to respawn.

All players know where the arm bands are and they can be collected in any order.

Jim is using his select fire Ultra Stryfe with Ammo Counter and Ruin is using his single shot, breach loaded xbz rifle, in a modified Alphahawk shell.

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