Numb Linkin Park cover JP Helicopter Pilot Singer

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1y Aug 27, 2020

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In Loving Memory of my cousin Corey Wayne Dennison.
A joyful heart gone far too soon. He loved to sing Karaoke and could always make you laugh. You are greatly missed. Here's my Karaoke for you bud!

  • and Chester Bennington - What does the face of depression look like? It doesn't have one. Check on your friends. Especially the ones that seem like they are happy and have it all together. Myself included.

Get your gear: http://www.helicopterpilotnetwork.com

All songs recorded in this series are done in one continuous take, no cuts, no splices, and most importantly, no Autotune. (even though I might need it)

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About JP

JP is a Commercial Helicopter Pilot who was discovered on YouTube by former X-Factor contestant, and world renowned vocal coach Tara Simon.


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