AtGames Legends Pinball Mod -Simpsons Pinball Party Arcade Build!

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1m May 7, 2021

In this video, I'll give you an overview of what it took, to transform my Legends pinball machine and turn it into a Simpsons Pinball Party-themed machine!

AtGames Legends Pinball Machine (Sam’s Club): https://bit.ly/2OojIIG​
AtGames Legends Pinball Machine (Direct): https://bit.ly/33n340e

Visit https://www.arcadegraphix.com for custom artwork! Promo code: "cooltoy" saves 20%

Nailbuster’s PinUp Popper Baller Installer: https://bit.ly/2R0Xzle
AtGames Video Input Backglass Switchboard (VIBS) https://youtu.be/EOfz7KOZvtc
AtGames Arcade Control Panel for Legends Pinball: https://bit.ly/3twWdvM
HDMI Slim Flat Cable, 90 Degree Downward Standard HDMI Male to Male: https://amzn.to/33rsXMC
Thin Ribbon Standard USB A Male 90 Degree Angled to Standard USB A Male: https://amzn.to/3erdWjW
HDMI Extension Cable 6FT Male to Female Cable: https://amzn.to/3bdaaZx
Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable - A-Male to A-Female Extender Cord (2 Pack): https://amzn.to/2RvAHdE

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