Snowdin Antics are BACK! Chara and friends! VRchat funny moments!

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4m Mar 6, 2021

Time for some more fun and antics in Snowdin in this VRchat episode! Chara is here with several of his friends to create funny moments with the peeps and fans! VRtale Chara might be a little broken, but he can still hold his own in a fight! Kurapika from hunterxhunter traps the final member of the phantom troupe. Micky mouse stops thru to try and pick up some more IPs. Jack sparrow recounts a tale of a time he stole someones rum, And Hildebrand manderville shows off his Ultra instinct skills!

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Broly Decided to make a Utreon channel! Enjoy some Gameplays, VRchat, Reacts and more! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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