The Ethnicity of the Sea Peoples ~ Dr. Woudhuizen ~ Bronze Age Collapse

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1y Dec 5, 2019

In this interview I talk to Dr. Woudhuizen about the Sea Peoples from a brief summary of the Late Bronze Age collapse, to primary sources, archaeological findings and finally the ethnicity of the Sea Peoples themselves. We cover a variety of topics from Luwian studies to the views of modern academia and also take a look at the Doctors passion in history as well. Check out the links below to his works including his paper on the Ethnicity of the Sea Peoples to get a more thorough view of his work on this very complex subject.

Dr. Woudhuizen and his Academia Page: https://independent.academia.edu/FredWoudhuizen

Paper on The Ethnicity of the Sea Peoples: https://www.academia.edu/7287651/The_Ethnicity_of_the_Sea_Peoples_dissertation_

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Dr. Frederik Christiaan Woudhuizen is an independent scholar who studies ancient Indo-European languages, hieroglyphic Luvian/Luwian, and Mediterranean protohistory.

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