Before the 25th Dynasty: Black Ancient Egyptians

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6m Mar 1, 2021

In this mini episode recap Egyptologist Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno García guides us into the past to explore a very controversial subject and question with an obvious answer, and that is "were there black Egyptians?"

Doctor Moreno García goes through various situations from mercenary settlements, to intermarriage between different groups and so on to say that yes, there were ancient Egyptians who were black.

Why are so many people skeptical of black Egyptians in ancient Egypt?

He discusses the racism in early modern historiography presented by European historians at the time who attempted to whitewash ancient Egypt and who also attempted to separate it from Africa and African history itself.

What we do know is that black Egyptians and black foreigners who identified as Egyptians were able to rise up through the ranks of Egyptian society and live very normal and accepted Egyptian lives.

Original article: coping with ethnicity in pharaonic Egypt https://www.asor.org/anetoday/2020/05/ethnicity-pharaonic-egypt

Get his books here: https://www.amazon.com/s?i=stripbooks&rh=p_27%3Ajuan+carlos+moreno+garcia&s=relevancerank&text=juan+carlos+moreno+garcia&ref=dp_byline_sr_book_1

Academia page: https://cnrs.academia.edu/juancarlosmorenogarcia

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