Boxing Heavy Bag Body Attack

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3y Mar 11, 2018

The Boxing Heavy Bag Body Attack is another killer boxing heavy bag workout. Use this as another addition to your heavy bag workouts to increase power, boxing iq and boxing stamina. This boxing workout will join my other sessions as one of Youtube's best heavy bag workouts, and punch bag workouts. This intensity is not as extreme as my Boxing HIIT workout, however its fun, high energy, AND a solid addition to any boxing training session. It's up to you to rip powerful boxing power body shots, and rip fast hands and work hard with the guidance of my motivation and direction

It's another high energy boxing workout brought to you by, Nate bower of Nate Bower fitness. The best in home boxing workouts. #nbfit #vitaminenergy

About Nate Bower Fitness

Nate Bower is a certified PTS, boxing instructor, personal trailer, and competitive athlete based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. This channel offers boxing workouts, heavy bag workouts, high intensity interval training, motivation, timed session workout routines, and more.

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Electronic Nation @music 9m 9 months ago

Cool epic video!

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