Dragon Knight 4 PC-98 English Translation WIP

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1m Jul 29, 2021

After over a year of translating, brushing up on Japanese, learning about hacking old Japanese computer files, I think It's finally time I show a snippet of my labor to the world. This project was made possible by Tomyun’s Juice tool, which is able to extract text from élf Corporation games for editing. If you want to know more about said tool, join the PC-98 Discord, and post in the fan-translation channel. This footage was reocrded on the Emulator NekoProject21nt (FMGEN pack), but I can confirm it also works on DOSBox-X and real hardware (specifically my PC-9821 Cx S3.)
Potential FAQ: What is the NEC PC-98? Dragon Knight 4?
A: In layman’s terms, the PC-98 was a Japanese computer line that could run MS-DOS/early Windows, but did not conform to the IBM PC standards of the time. It has a very distinctive art style and sound style, and is also notable for a large amount of eroge (NSFW games).
Dragon Knight 4 is an ESRPG (Erotic Strategy Role Playing Game) with some Visual Novel elements. It has has plenty NSFW, but is also plot heavy. This video should meet Utreon's standards.
Q: When will this be project be finished?
A: Very rough estimate: December 2021-April 2022. Do not ask me more than once a month about this.
Q: How much have you translated?
A: The main game is 12 3.5 floppy disks long, all with varying lengths of text files. I have completed Disks A, B, and D, and currently working on floppy E. In addition, I have a translated script that goes far longer into the game. I was originally going to simply upload that as a GameFAQs guide, but now that the earlier mentioned Juice tool exists, I am putting that text into the actual game files. I should clarify that due to file size differences, I am only able to edit the HDI (internal hard disk installation files) at this time, not the floppy disk files themselves. The HDI contains folders that are mostly identical to the floppy files themselves, for example, Disk A has the same data as Folder A, and so forth. Disk C is the big exception, and has different data, hence why I skipped it for now.
Q: Will you translate any other versions? Any other eroge? SFW games?
A: Not promising anything, but I personally would like port this script to the Windows XP/PC-FX/PS1 remakes of Dragon Knight 4, but I do not have the tools at this time. As for other eroge, L Elle also by élf remains high on my list, and the PC-98 version should be editable for translation. As for SFW games, I've wanted to play/translate Tengai Makyou: Fuun Kabuki Den for PC-Engine CD for awhile, but again do not have the tools.
Q: Is that joke at the end really in the Japanese script?
A: Yes it is, élf had a sense of humor. Doukyuusei is a series of dating Visual Novels (which basically created the gameplay for the modern VN) also made by élf for those unaware.

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