Schmidt-Rubin K31 technical short: positive extraction and use of the charger

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5y May 12, 2016

This technical short video is a little something I tossed off in response to certain comments on the K31 by the awesome Alex C on this superb TFB TV run-and-gun video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjAn_HUFNws

Here at Bloke on the Range, we love TFB TV's work, and we hope they keep it up. However, we're picky obsessive compulsive sods when it comes to things that are commonly believed about certain firearms that aren't actually true. A common myth is that straight-pulls have no positive primary extraction, which is in fact not the case with the Schmidt-Rubins. Alex repeats this this myth at 3:52 in his video, and we have produced this video to add to the total sum of all (correct) human knowledge.

We also took the time to demonstrate flicking the charger out with the thumb, cos we just can't get enough of how slick that looks :)

Unlike Alex, the Bloke has no issues with the 6th round, since he can count his rounds on the fingers of one hand :p

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