How to Grow Your Business Online Presence | The Snowball Marketing Plan

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6m Jan 14, 2021

Small businesses or entrepreneurs need to know how to grow your business' online presence. You may be asking, why aren't my followers growing and going up? The biggest challenge small businesses face is not enough people know about them and what they do.
The snowball marketing plan is the most effective way to grow.
It's very important to delve deep into a channel, the initial growth is so challenging, but once you get over the initial hump, there are so many ways to grow your channels. The example in this video is for Instagram, but the same would hold true for Pinterest, YouTube, and your blog. The more competitive hashtags, keywords, etc you can rank for, the more people your content can get in front of...so once the ball gets rolling, it can pick up crazy momentum.
By following this advice, you should start to see your followers and online presence grow over time.
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