OBSOLETE VIDEO - See Description below - Desert Tech MDR 308 - Walkthrough & Livefire

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2y Dec 13, 2018

UPDATE 2/18/2019:
MDR Issues Resolved!
InRange has a brand new MDR video demonstrating the fixes and modifications done by Desert Tech to remediate the issues we experienced with the rifle and you can see it here:

UPDATE 1/10/2019
Desert Tech has released a video discussing what they've done to resolve the issues we experienced with this rifle and are shipping it back for our further analysis. Here's their excellent response:

In this video we discuss the long awaited Desert Tech MDR 308 Bullpup - handling, ergonomics, manual of arms and live fire.

We've been rather critical about bullpups here at InRangeTV but Desert Tech is the most modern approach to this firearm type which appears to aggregate a lot of best of breed ideas into one platform.

Let's see how it does.

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