2016 Ford Focus ST vs 2018 Ford Focus Electric | Because We Can

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3w Oct 6, 2021

Our Producers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. This Showdown is on the 2016 Ford Focus ST versus the 2018 Ford Focus Electric.

We'd like to thank HGregoire for providing us with this 2016 Ford Focus ST for this episode. They let us borrow this vehicle from one of their 32 North American dealerships to use for a week and really get to know the car. With over 3,000 vehicles in stock, chances are HGregoire has the right car for you. Save $200 on your purchase by visiting https://promo.hgregoire.com/nile/

This video was made possible with the support of Elmec and their EVduty Smart Home Charger. You can schedule, control access, and even see your estimated charging costs from the EVduty smartphone app. Use public charging stations and grant access to your own all from the app. For more information about the EVduty Smart Home Charger visit: https://www.elmec.ca/language/en/

A couple weeks back I bought a 2018 Ford Focus Electric, then I asked my friends at HGregoire if I could borrow their 2016 Ford Focus ST. I'm not saying I booked it specifically to do this Showdown, but I'm not denying it either. These two cars share the same nameplate but how similar are they really? Are you the 1 in 7 billion person who's seriously considering to buy either of these cars? We're going to figure out which one you might want and why. We start off with the basics, original MSRPs, engine/motor performance numbers, transmissions, and the current going price for either car.

We then talk about the interior dimensions. Passenger space between these two cars is identical, but its cargo and trunk space that differs significantly. As the Focus Electric's batteries are located along the back of the passenger area the trunk space on it is reduced considerably.

We go over the exterior styling differences between these two cars also, such as the headlights, front ends, tail lamps, and body panels. Options were slightly different between these two cars also, as the Focus Electric came as the Titanium trim with paint and leather seating as the only two options. The ST had different options depending on the market. Here in Canada ours came with the upgraded tech package along with the interior carbon fibre, larger screen, and 10-speaker Sony audio system.

We start off our road tests with the 2016 Ford Focus ST to see how this hot hatchback drives, rides, handles and performs. SInce we're comparing two vehicles with different propulsion systems we don't talk about fuel economy on this drive. We also discuss our overall impressions of how this Focus ST is to live with on a daily basis, and why you might want to consider it as your next daily driver.

We then take the 2018 Ford Focus Electric out to see how it compares back to back. Do these two cars share enough mechanical bits that the driving experience is similar? Find out! Since we drive them back to back we get a good idea of how the two translate. Finally we discuss which of the two you might want to consider based on your current situation.

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simguy @simguy 2w 2 weeks ago

Wow... Focus used to look pretty tame, like a Corolla... didn't know it got a huge makeup. This looks very aggressive and modern, fantastic.

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