Standalone 4K HDMI Capture! ClonerAlliance UHD Pro!

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2m Jul 24, 2021

ClonerAlliance has come out with a Stand Alone 4K video capture device that can encode with either H.264 or H.265 compression. It also has an adjustable microphone audio input and can adjust the audio level of the HDMI audio.

The UHD Pro is available through the following affiliate link, ThriftyAV receives a small commission at no additional cost to the buyer when purchased through this link.

More information about this product is available from the official ClonerAlliance website:

ClonerAlliance Store: https://www.cloner-alliance.com/store.html

Description about this product:
No PC required. Record 4K UHD video to the USB storage device with H.265/H.264 hardware encoding. 4K@60fps input and 4K@30fps/1080p/720p recording are supported.
Instant video playback and schedule recording with remote control. Various 4K UHD devices are supported, such as media devices, game consoles, etc.
Easy to use, press one button to record or take a snapshot.
Live stream by To PC port with UVC standard. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android OS are supported. Ultra-Low Latency.
Capture your commentary or voice-over with gameplay video together. [The device does not support any content protected by HDCP. When connected to an HDCP (Content Protection) source, it will output an error message or nothing. This does not indicate a defect.

Press one button to record 4K UHD videos from any HDMI video source onto your USB storage device! No PC required.
Standalone 4K HDMI video recorder. Capture and record videos up to 4K at 30fps.
Playback and schedule record videos & snapshots on USB storage devices with the remote control.
H.265/H.264 hardware encoding technology.
Supports a variety of HDMI video devices such as disc player, set-top box, media stick, PS4/5, Xbox One X/S Series, Switch, DSLR, etc.
Capture video to PC by UVC standard. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android OS.
Ultra-low latency technology (less than 100ms) - you can play and live stream your gameplay with no lag at all, especially for PS4/5, Xbox One X/S Series, Switch console games.
Capture and mix live commentary or voice-over together with gameplay video.
Supports 4K at 60fps video input and 1080p60 capture.
Capture 1080i60 video and record at 1080p30; Capture 1080i50 video and record at 1080p25.
Save files quickly. No storage capacity limit.
Bundled video capture, live broadcasting and editing programs for Windows OS and Android.

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10:38 Roku / Blu-ray
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13:22 Conclusion

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